Monday, 27 May 2013

Nature of Fashion

Nature of fashion: The world id led by fashion and will be, for coming decades and centuries. Human life and fashion are two inseparable features. Its is a perfect mirror, reflects the lifestyle of prevailing time period and place.
The term Fashion connotes the living style of each one of us, whether young or old. what we perceive and visualize is what we call fashion. it is the natural tendency of everyone to present oneself according to his or her thinking. 

Fashion has become an inseparable part of our life  Dressing up according to age prevailing trend is no doubt important, but the best thing is to wear good quality clothes that compliments your figure.
Fashion keeps on changing with time. It has enabled the world to move ahead. Present society cannot presume its existence without it.What we perceive and visualize gets communicated through our etes and vision gets translated into patterns, figures and words.
The present generation has a wild passion for fashion and designing and prompted man to draw and paint every aspect of nature. The everlasting monuments of creative genius of man found in the exotic drawings, can still be seen in the age old caves, temples and rock-cut mountain temples.
What we do & How we live its fashion that makes us all perceive Fashion is stable but trends will change. For who knows just what next will be the range.

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